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The Ashley Iles carving tool sharpening system

Tool sharpening systemThis path breaking system has revolutionised the sharpening of carving tools.  It is supplied as a boxed kit with full instructions on how to convert an inexpensive grinder to an efficient honing machine.

The sharpening system consists of:

1. A rubberised grinding wheel 3/4 in wide by 4 in diameter and 1/2 in bore.

2. A stitched cloth dolly mop 3/4 in wide and 6 in diameter. This is set up for a pigtail thread but can easily be bored to suit your shaft.

3. Approximately 500 grams of our special green polish. This is melted onto the dolly by friction heat to provide the means for a fine finish to your tools.

4. A dressing stone which is used to true and flatten the rubberised wheel.

We also sell individual products for grinding and sharpening including abrasive wheels, green polish and cloth mops. Please refer to our catalogue for details.