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Zoë Gertner range

Zoe Gertner carving

The range includes:

A. 1/4" 6 mm  No2 Corner chisel  G. 1/4" 6 mm  No5 straight gouge

B.1/8" 3 mm  No3 Straight gouge  H. 3/8" 9 mm  No5 straight gouge

C. 1/4" 6 mm  No3 Straight gouge  G. 5/8" 15 mm  No9 straight gouge

D. 3/8" 9 mm  No3 Straight gouge  J. 3/4" 19 mm  No9 straight gouge

E. 1/2" 12mm  No3 straight gouge  K. 1/8" 3 mm  No39 straight gouge

F. 5/8 15 mm  No3 straight gouge  L. 1/4" 6 mm  No39 straight V-tool

The Zoe Gertner Range is now comprised of 37 individual tools in a range of widths, sweeps and Vs. They are the same quality and workmanship as the standard tools. They differ in that they they are approximately 1" (25 mm) shorter, and a third thinner, than the larger tools. These tools are much lighter  and easier to handle. They are honed and razor sharp ready for use.