Zoe Gertner lightweight carving tools

Zoe Gertner carving

The range includes:

A. 1/4″ 6 mm  No2 Corner chisel  G. 1/4″ 6 mm  No5 straight gouge
B.1/8″ 3 mm  No3 Straight gouge  H. 3/8″ 9 mm  No5 straight gouge
C. 1/4″ 6 mm  No3 Straight gouge  G. 5/8″ 15 mm  No9 straight gouge
D. 3/8″ 9 mm  No3 Straight gouge  J. 3/4″ 19 mm  No9 straight gouge
E. 1/2″ 12mm  No3 straight gouge  K. 1/8″ 3 mm  No39 straight gouge
F. 5/8″ 15 mm  No3 straight gouge  L. 1/4″ 6 mm  No39 straight V-tool

The Zoe Gertner Range is now comprised of 37 individual tools in a range of widths, sweeps and ‘V’s.

The blades are about 1″ (25 mm) shorter and a third thinner than our standard tools which makes them lighter and easier to handle.

They are supplied honed and razor sharp ready to use and are covered by the Ashley Iles guarantee of satisfaction.