The Brailsford Set

This is a good beginners turning tool set and consists of the following tools:

The ‘All Rounder’

10 mm. (3/8 in.) diameter – This tool embodies a new concept. It has been developed, after lengthy testing, from an original idea of Martin Pidgen’s. Made from HSS it has a carefully designed flute that enables it to be used as a multi-purpose tool: it can be used for roughing out, for finished spindle work, and (as a bowl gouge) for smaller faceplate work. This tool may be used to complement the others in the set; or, for the beginner with a small lathe, it can be used to reduce the initial expenditure by the purchase of one tool instead of three

Roughing out gouge

13 mm. (1/2 in.) diameter – This tool is made from 16 mm. (5/8 in.) high speed steel (HSS) round bar. The half-round flute produces a deep but narrow shaving. Because the full diameter of the bar is extended into the handle there is minimum vibration even when turning down 4 in. or 5 in. square timber and, because it is relatively slim, it can get into places where other roughing gouges are too big.

Skew chisel

30 mm. (1 ¼ in.) diameter – This is made in high quality carbon steel which produces a superb edge that is easy to sharpen and, when it is necessary modify the shape, is easy to regrind. Although it is made of carbon steel this tool will have a long life because it is used only for light finishing work and does not have to be sharpened often. When making the planing cut the generous width of the tool makes it safer to use.

Spindle gouge

6 mm. (1/4 in.) diameter – This HSS tool can be used for both large and small diameter spindle work. The diameter of the bar has been increased so that it is slightly thicker than normal ¼ in. gouges; this provides greater strength when overhanging the tool rest to reach, for example, the inside of egg cups or goblets.

Parting tool

3 mm. (1/8 in.) diameter – This carbon steel tool will part-off with less resistance and wastage than wider tools. Its parallel sides make it a more versatile tool than its over specialised cousins. Ground at the same angle as a skew it can be used in areas where there is not room for a wider tool.

Round nose scraper

19 mm. (3/4 in.) diameter – This tool is made from carbon steel that readily provides a good burr for scraping inside hollow items. Because it is relatively narrow it can enter small openings. The thickness has been increased to minimise the vibration that might be experienced when reaching over the tool rest.