Reviews of Ashley Iles tools

Below are just a few comments about & reviews of our tools:

Zoe GertnerZoë Gertner, professional woodcarver & tutor, wanted a specially designed range of carving tools.   Ashley Iles worked to her specification and produced a range of tools – she says:

“When used by my students, they meet with universal approval, appreciation for their appearance, quality and ease of use…”  Read the full story here…

Robert Thompsons craftsmen“We have been using Ashley Iles carving tools for a number of years. When students join our company as apprentices the very first items that are purchased on their behalf are a set of 12 (Ashley Iles) carving tools so that they can be taught to carve our Company “Mouse” logo. Our craftsmen prefer Ashley Iles carving tools because of their overall quality and knowing the tools will outlast any of the competition. They are pleased and proud to have such quality carving chisels in their tool chests.”

 Ian T. Cartwright, Managing Director of Robert Thompson’s Craftsmen Ltd

“When you use the Ray Gonzalez hooked skew there is the comforting feeling of stability. There is no tendency for either shaft or blade to buckle under lateral pressure.”

                        Jeremy Williams, Woodcarving No 36

“I have used Ashley Iles carving tools for 30 years and I rate them as the best for holding a good edge for longer than other tools I have tried, and they also have a good balance. Ashley Iles after sales service and helpfulness are especially good.”

                        Colin Hickman, Woodcarver, England