Ashley Iles turning tools

Standard turning tools 

Ashley Iles standard turning tools are available in both carbon and high speed steel. Some patterns of tool are available in both types of steel. Other patterns are available in one type of steel but not the other. All are available in a wide range of sizes.

Illustrations of the various patterns
PatternCarbon steelHigh speed steel (HSS)
 Skew chisel
Square end chisel
 Oval skew chisel
Finger nail gouge
 Round section spindle gouge
Roughing out gouge
 Long & strong deep ‘U’ gouge
 Square end chisel
 Beading tool
Flared end parting tool
 Fluted parting tool
 Diamond parting tool
 Square end scraper
 Round nose scraper
 Dome end scraper
  Right corner scraper
 Diamond point
  Left corner scraper
 Double ended scraper bar
Availability of our turning tools in carbon & HSS steel