Ring Tools

Fixed Angle Ring Tool

A tool for the adventurous woodturner, this was designed by Len Grantham and is ideal for hollowing in end grain. It is easy to use and provides a less expensive, but very effective, alternative to some other tools on the market intended for the same purpose.

The secret of the tool lies in the precision made cutter. This is attached to the square tool shaft at a pre-set angle. To use the tool one of the faces of the shaft is placed on the tool rest so that the cutting edge is at an angle 45 ° to the horizontal. The tool is used with the handle slightly above the tool rest. In this position the cutting edge automatically takes up the required attitude for a slicing cut. This makes the tool very easy to use. The tang of the shaft is machined to a cylindrical form which means that it can readily be fitted to a conventional wooden handle or to one with a collet fixing.

The high-speed steel cutters require sharpening relatively infrequently as they can be rotated by degrees as the edge at the cutting point dulls. When a cutter does require sharpening it can be returned to the factory where it will be resharpened for free. All that you will be charged is postage and packing.

The tool is available in two sizes – one has a cutter of ¾ inch (19 mm.) diameter, the other ½ inch (12.5 mm.) diameter. A spare cutter, a spare fixing screw and an Allen Key, are supplied with each tool. Additional cutters are available.

Traditional Ring Tool

This tool comes in two bore sizes: 7/16 ins. (11 mm) and 5/8 ins (15 mm).

It is not a tool for beginners but, once mastered, is excellent for hollowing end grain.   It works extremely fast and cuts very cleanly.